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3rd Floor Slots - New and Entertaining Slot Game for Windows Phone

3rd Floor Slots is a newly launched Slot machine game for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x. If you are a fan of casino games like Slot Machines, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Bingo or any other than 3rd Floor Slots is the game for you.

3rd Floor Slots game on Nokia Lumia 720
3rd Floor Slots game on Nokia Lumia 720

3rd Floor Slots is a very addictive game. Once you start this game, it's hard to leave it in between. The game experience is so real that make you feel that you are sitting in some casino in Las Vegas and playing with real money on Slot machines. The graphics are of high quality and give feel of real Slot machine.

3rd Floor Slots game for Windows Phone 7.x
3rd Floor Slots game for Windows Phone 7.x
Just select an available machine, press the SPIN button and watch the reels go. If you win, you will get credits, minigames, and other prizes. You can set lines and bets. Payouts button shows what combinations of items will pay and how much the payout will be.

3rd Floor Slots game for Windows Phone 8
3rd Floor Slots game for Windows Phone 8
Play the only Vegas-style slot machine available for Windows Phone. Enjoy 8 unique slot machines, each with their own bonus minigame. Gain experience, unlock bigger wins, and climb up the leaderboards! The game offers following features:
  • 100% FREE
  • 8 unique slot machines
  • 8 fun minigames
  • Large jackpots and hourly rewards
  • Online leaderboards
  • Great graphics and sounds
3rd Floor Slots - new game on Nokia Lumia 720
3rd Floor Slots - new game on Nokia Lumia 720
We found this game very entertaining as well as very addictive. You would love playing this game on your Windows Phone. 3rd Floor Slots is a free game and available to download from here through Windows Phone Store.

Download: 3rd Floor Slots @ Windows Phone Store

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2 Responses to “3rd Floor Slots - New and Entertaining Slot Game for Windows Phone”

Rick Avery said...
August 29, 2013 at 1:13 AM

I have noticed while playing 3rd floor slots that the cherry's are not paying off the way the pay table says it's suppose to. It pays sometimes on 3 to 5 cherry's but not always there seems to a bug on the positioning of the cherry's because the pay table says it will pay in any position and it doesn't.

Marilynne said...
March 22, 2014 at 11:44 AM

THIS REALLY HAPPENED and could happen to all existing & potential 3rd Floor Slot gamers:
Support at 3rd Floor Games,
This is my second email to you requesting support and help; I sent an email to you requesting HELP on Wednesday, March 19th regarding my 3rd Floor Slot Game #11th Ranking with 73,002,450 points being deleted while I watched it disappear. I have since taken my phone (Nokia Lumna 710) to T-Mobile to be checked out, they informed me if the phone was responsible, it would have deleted the entire app and I would have had to re-download the game again. As I told you in my first email, suddenly my points showed 575 game points with all games locked except the first one, just like I had deleted the game and re-downloaded it. This is absolutely not the case. I did not delete it, someone HACKED me.

It’s very obvious that a hacker is responsible for this action. The highest scoring players are all aware that there are multiple hackers on the 3rd Floor Slots and also on 3rd Floor Black Jack games. Yesterday, Friday, 3/21, I clicked into the 3rd Floor Slot Leaderboard at approximately 12:00 pm and another new hacker named “Ani” had appeared into the #1 slot. In less than 15 minutes “I Am 1 Pro” had hacked in and jumped back up into the 1st place slot and “Ani”, the new hacker was in 2nd place. It’s very apparent 3rd Floor cannot control the invasion of the hackers, however, it becomes very serious when one of them deliberately hacks in and changes a legitimate player’s rank, points and re-arranges them back to square one. I imagine if the other legitimate players knew what happened to me, and realized it could happen to them in a heartbeat, you would have many unhappy, disgruntled players. I also imagine Nokia and Microsoft Windows would be interested in this knowledge since they strongly support your 3rd Floor apps.

I know when the app is first downloaded you are provided with the phone identify, owner id, photo, music and video libraries, data services, phone dialer and web browser component, therefore, you know exactly which phone this happened to. You can also check your records to verify that I have been on the 3rd Floor Slot game since the very day it was released on 8/20/13 and legitimately earned my 73,002,450 points. I also know you have the ability to re-instate my position as it was before. In the interim while waiting for you to provide the help & support in re-stating me to my earned position, I have started over and have unlocked all the games and earned 1,263,302 points (for the 2nd time around). I request that you re-instate my 73,002,450 legitimately earned points.

Since under the Help section on 3rd Floor Slots says to “Please email with any questions or feedback”, I would appreciate a response from you this time.

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